Above Ground Pools: Coverage for the Winter Months

May 20th, 2012

You’ve been diligent in maintaining your above ground pool’s surface area throughout the entire summer season, so now with winter on its way it’s time to start thinking about maintenance during the the other half of the year. The time when it won’t be getting used.

What this means is that it’s time to start thinking about a pool cover to protect it white its not in use. It turns out that covering above ground pools is a more complex stop topic than you may have initially realized because not all pools are the same and also not all maintenance issues of the same.

Your First Option

Now if you don’t have any children or pets that you have to be concerned with possibly climbing on the cover and tearing through it you may be able to get by with a less expensive cover made from lighter material. Something that will work to keep debris out, so it be ready to go when springtime rolls around to herald in the next swimming season.

Your Second Option

If you have trees that are going to be shedding leaves over the cold season though you may want to consider a mesh cover. This is basically a large net that covers the top and it allows water to pass through. Now there will be some minor debris issues with something like this type but it will catch all the large leaves, so you won’t be dealing with a cover holding a stinking mass of rotting vegetation when springtime comes.

Your Third Option

On the other hand if you have children or even a large dog that might be able to clamor up on top during the winter months you should seriously consider a more secure safety cover for above ground pools. This type is made from a more durable material and attaches securely along the edges, so even if ‘someone or something’ should find their way up on top it will hold.

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