How To Care For Your Timber Deck at Your Home

April 26th, 2012

Want to know how to care for your wooden deck and make it last longer? Keep your deck every year is very important because it will help preserve the beauty of your wood deck, and the life of your deck. The deck exposed to excessive wear and the elements of the walkway time.

Care for your wooden deck simply involves the repair of the panels, regular cleaning, and closes each year to ensure that your wooden deck takes many years in the future. If you do not know how to do this practice, here are some tips for you:

Repair the wooden bridge

You have every plank deck regularly to check for any loose nails. A nail to be sent is loosened with the aid of a hammer. All rotten boards must be replaced, but this may need expert help. Moreover, the deck panels which are terminated to be repaired. It is possible to make use of the abrasive paper 80 for the polishing of the small splinters until the edge of the platform is completely smooth.

Wooden patio cleaning

To clean the wooden bridge, begins with a broom to sweep away all traces of dirt, debris and leaves. Fill a bucket with a gallon of warm water and add four ounces of oxygen bleach. Wait five minutes for the bleach to dissolve in water. The resulting solution can be used to thoroughly with the maps a brush. Allow the mixture to remain on the bridge for about ten minutes before rinsing with water obtained from a garden hose. The bridge to dry at least 48 hours before closing.

Keeping your wood deck

You must have an appropriate sealer for your deck, that is water resistant, contains UV protection and a protective mold. Vanish and polyurethane sealants should be avoided at all costs because it will not be able to stand in direct sunlight.

Mix thoroughly with a kit can paint stirrer. The sealant may then be poured into a container of paint to a coating. The application of the sealant on the tabs by means of a bridge roller centimeter hair dye. Can be immersed roll in an attempt to ensure that absorbs a sufficient amount of adhesive. Spread a thin layer of sealant on the planks, overlapping each stroke, make a nice smooth paint for your deck to make. Make sure you tune puddles, drops or trademarks of rolls of two-inch brush.

The kit should be applied to the railings, and even stains that are difficult to reach. Both the sealing agent to dry completely in accordance with the drying time recommended by the manufacturer. After the first layer is dry, the second layer may be applied.

Applications should be made in the right weather conditions, avoiding direct sunlight, but also to ensure that it is unlikely that the rain for 24 hours. Re-coating will be 16 to 24 hours later.

If the above procedure in caring bridge, you can guarantee that it will be the life and beauty of your wood deck to expand.

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