Meditation Using Meditation Cushion

April 30th, 2012

Over the years the evolution of Buddhism, zazen posture is the most effective form of pyramid that was sitting like a Buddha. Sitting on the floor is recommended because it is more stable. Use a small pillow, called a zafu in Japanese, to slightly raise the rear of the body, so that your knees touch the floor. With the back of the body on the pillow and two knees touching the floor, position your body to form a tripod with a balance of 360 degrees.

What about our feet? Many positions can be tried in a state of sitting like this. The simplest is the Burmese position. Legs crossed and the palms close to the floor. Knee will second floor contact, despite being able to do this position does need lots of practice.

The first time your muscles may feel tense, but not for long be muscle be loosened and the knees will fall. For simplicity, sit at the top third of the meditation cushions, and lean slightly forward.

Imagine the top of your head as if pressing toward the ceiling and pull your body up like that, a straight spine. Then loosen the muscles and relax yourself. With your buttocks and tighten your stomach a little advanced, will feel the curve of your back. In this position, your body itself remains upright.

There are several other positions that you can try, you can see directly on the site that includes this Zen meditation instruction. One of them sat in a chair, but always uses a chair with a meditation cushion, and your feet flat on the floor.

Why it matters straight back in meditation? Your diaphragm can move freely, and is good for breathing. Breath in zazen is done in. Your stomach will go up and down like a baby’s stomach while breathing. Usually the more we mature; our breathing becomes increasingly obstructed, never full. We tend to breathe shallowly and using the upper chest.

During Zen meditation, the mouth is always closed, and breathes through the nose. Tongue pressed slightly into the palate. This can reduce the sense to swallow (like the tongue position is important for the smooth rotation of energy in the body, ed.). Eye toward the bottom, with staring at the floor /or ground at the point as far as about half to one meter in front of you.

Zazen is apparently very disciplined, but your muscles should remain relaxed. Do any strain on the body. Dada is not leaning forward or backward. Hand? Folded in the mudra (focus) the cosmic. The dominant hand (left for left-handed) facing up holding the other hand is also open to the top. Both thumbs slightly touching, so that both hands into oval shapes. If you cross-legged in the lotus style or lotus mudra place on both heels. In Burma positions, mudra can be placed on the thigh.

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