Steam is The Ultimate Weapon In The War Against Bed Bugs

November 17th, 2012

Steam is The Ultimate Weapon In The War Against Bed Bugs You will see thousands of products designed for bed bugs, everything from sprays and foggers fall and diatomaceous earth to kill. The success of these products can vary greatly and should be said of some chemical-based products can be very harmful to health.

However, there is a bed bug killer is completely free of chemicals – STEAM. This plague vampires can not withstand the high temperatures which steam is the ideal weapon to kill pests.

I have been asked in the past, “I can not just put the heat?” The simple answer is no Doing this will only encourage the bug to try to escape -. Maybe in other places, the cool part of the house that means that you bug in more than one place -? completely defeats the purpose if you have a chance to kill bed bugs using heat, temperature of at least 450 ° C range and immediately produced, making the steam cleaner ideal solution to stand.

The main advantage over all other vapor treatment is that it is not only adults but bug nymphs and eggs to kill the well. Many commercial products just can not get to the surface of the egg, which means that they can survive and go into the hatch, race and start the whole cycle.

How to use steam as a bed bug killer:

  1. As with any treatment, it is essential that you thoroughly check the area for signs of pests. This will allow you to ensure that bed bugs actually present.
  2. Literally everything from the mattress on your bed and the inside and bottom of the tray for cabinets and soft toys – Before you attack with your steam cleaning, let the dust all over the room.
  3. If you buy a steam cleaner make sure you get one that high temperatures> 450 ° C and produce “dry steam.” The dry steam will prevent the mattress, carpet and so on became too wet, which can lead to problems with mold and mildew.
  4. To kill bed bugs including eggs and nymphs effective it is important that you work slowly and methodically with a steam cleaner. Nozzle, direct contact with the surface temperature of the steam is reduced instead treat so it is less effective.
  5. This is not a quick treatment. It takes time and patience for your thumb to move an inch above the surface being treated. The recommended speed is 30 cm every 10 to 15 seconds.
  6. Vapor is not toxic, but still dangerous – at temperatures over 450 ° C under pressure can cause severe burns and burns. It is important that you read and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning your steam to the letter!

Where do you start?

Perhaps the best place is the bed. Give special attention to areas along the seam, rounded knobs, handles and label. Along the bottom edge of the head is also a favorite refuge. Overcoming spring box (if you have one) in the same way.

You can then proceed to the seat furniture, sofas, drawers, cupboards again paying particular attention to any seams, buttons, small cracks, joints and so on. Then you can go to furnishing such as curtains, cushions, rugs, and so on – do not forget the soft toy!

Bed bugs can get around – they will travel and up to 100 meters to find food. This means that you really need to examine and treat every inch of contaminated areas, including places that really clear like smoke detectors, lights, electrical outlets, picture frame, alarm clock, and so on.

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