December 9, 2022

8 Types Of Beds To Consider Before You Buy Beds For Your Home

We spend one-third of our life sleeping, so it’s critical to understand what are the factors that need to be considered while selecting a new bed.  Painful muscles, stiff backs, and little sleep can all be the result of a bad bed.  Getting a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed may help you feel better the next day. 

There are several types of beds that you can opt for as per your needs and the convenience of the size of your bedroom.  Don’t settle for a plain king-size bed the next time you’re shopping for a new one if you don’t need that.  Prior to bed style, you must first determine the appropriate size and then choose the perfect bed.  Make an appropriate decision in regards to what size is best for you; is it a queen, king, or other? 

This article will give you a complete insight into eight types of beds you can consider besides single beds that will go as per your need. 

There are six sizes available in the mattress, among which you need to choose as per the requirement and layout of your bedroom.  Let’s first see what size will suit you the best! 

  • Full 

A full mattress measures 53 inches broad and 75 inches long.  It’s 16 inches wider than a standard twin.  The full-size bed is ideal for single sleepers such as young people or children.  It is also suitable for guest rooms.

  • Queen 

The queen mattress measures 60 inches broad and 80 inches in length.  It has sufficient space for single sleepers and is best suited for couples.  Queen-sized beds are ideal for master bedrooms of at least 5 – 10 × 10 feet.

  • King 

A king mattress is one of the largest mattresses available, measuring 76 inches broad and 80 inches long.  This bed size is ideal for single sleepers who prefer to spread out and couples with children. 

  • California King 

The California king mattress measures 72 broad by 84 long.  It is the market’s longest mattress.  It is ideal for people who are six feet and taller.  The California king bed may easily accommodate two individuals. 

  • Twin XL 

The twin XL mattress is somewhat larger than that of the twin mattress.  It is 38 inches broad by 80 inches long.  It’s ideal for taller teens, dorm dorms, and single sleepers who don’t have much space in their bedrooms.

  • Twin 

A twin mattress seems to be the simplest and shortest bed available.  It is 38 inches broad by 75 inches long.  It’s an excellent space-saving bed for singles and children. 

Since you’re done with the selection of the size you want, the next step is to decide what style you prefer and what will go as per your bedroom space and decor.  Let’s check some of the bed styles now. 

  • Futon 

A futon may serve as both a sofa and a bed.  It is a traditional Japanese bedding design that is ideal for tiny rooms and flats.  Because it is a folding bed, it can be stowed conveniently and placed almost anyplace in your home. 

  • Daybed 

It might serve as a useful bed, a bench, or a couch; a daybed is an extremely adaptable bed form.  It performs the same purpose as a futon but is more stylish.  It is available in a number of sizes, although it is most commonly used for twin beds.  Daybeds are ideal for use in office spaces and guest rooms.  

  • Airbed 

Air beds are permanent and are intended for usage at home rather than camping or travelling.  They may be utilised as ordinary beds as well as pull-out sofas. 

  • Waterbed 

Waterbeds are mattresses containing water filled with rubber or plastic.  While not the most common sort of mattress, waterbeds offer numerous advantages, including the ability to soothe tired muscles, they’re even used in a wide range of physical therapy.  It is used for medicinal purposes, specifically to reduce strain on hurting joints. 

  • Murphy bed 

A Murphy bed is referred to as a pull-down bed which is designed for those who wish to optimise their available space.  A Murphy bed features a hinge on one end that allows it to fold up and be placed aside.  Most beds of this kind include side storage to help you make the most out of your living areas.  These are ideal for use in studios and modest residences. 

  • Bookcase bed 

This is ideal for anybody who enjoys curling up with a nice book before bed.  These beds’ bed frames have bookshelves in the headboard for easy access to your favourite literature or any other sort of book you like.

  • Four-poster bed 

Four-poster beds are distinguished by the characteristic posts that emerge from each corner.  This bed is a popular choice for a spacious bedroom.  The posts may be styled in a variety of ways, ranging from rustic to majestic.

  • Convertible bed 

If you enjoy multipurpose items, you will enjoy a convertible bed.  Convertible beds may be converted from a bed to a sofa and back again.  They are suitable for almost any room in the house but are most typically used in guest rooms. 

These are the eight best types of beds that people prefer nowadays.  When purchasing a new bed, there are several factors to consider.  Do you want a bed with additional storage or one that folds up easily?  Do you prefer one with a beautiful headboard or one with a plain frame?  Consider your present bedroom design and choose a bed that complements it.  When you’re on the market for a new bed, keep these tips in mind to help you make your decision.  Once you’ve decided on bed size, design, and frame, make sure you acquire matching bedding and a mattress. 

You can consult an expert too for better information regarding what bed is best for you.  There is a summer sale that is live now, and it is about to end by mid-June.  Make the best out of it if you’re thinking of buying a new bed. 

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