June 23, 2024

Common misconceptions about car accident attorneys in Houston

Judge holding hammer near toy cars closeup. Selling car at auction concept

Following a car collision in Houston, you may have a hundred questions on your mind, especially if the other driver was liable for the situation. What damages can you recover? Should you talk to the claims adjuster? Should you share details with friends and family? What steps should you avoid immediately after? Should you hire a Houston Car Accident Attorney? Once you get medical care and are ready to initiate the insurance process, you should talk to a legal expert. There are numerous misconceptions about consulting an attorney, and we have debunked a few in this post.

#1 – You can hire any injury lawyer

While you definitely need someone in Houston who specializes in personal injury law in Texas, that doesn’t mean any injury lawyer will suffice. You need an attorney who has handled motorcycle and auto accident claims and lawsuits. Specific experience is critical for defining a strategy for the case.

#2 – An attorney will try to go to court

No injury lawyer wants to go to trial for the sake of it. Litigation is expensive and requires more work. Lawyers do their best to maximize the settlement for clients, but this doesn’t mean they will initiate a lawsuit each time. A good attorney will explore all other legal options before they consider this.

#3 – Hiring a car accident lawyer is expensive

False! Most injury lawyers in Houston have a contingency arrangement with clients. Instead of the usual hourly rate, the car accident lawyer will ask for a fixed and pre-decided percentage of the final compensation. In other words, you don’t need money immediately to get legal help.

#4 – You have to pay a lawyer for case assessment

Again, law firms in the state usually don’t charge a fee for reviewing new cases. If you have a car accident claim, just call the shortlisted lawyers for an appointment, and the staff will usually oblige. Some lawyers may insist on talking on the phone before they meet, for which they won’t take a payment. At the least, you get to know the claim better.

Final word

When you want a car accident lawyer, check their background and experience. Find out about their best cases and top wins so far, and if essential, you can ask for references, too. There is no harm in interviewing attorneys and asking the tough questions. Once the lawyer is taking care of the legal process, you have less to worry about.