June 23, 2024

Five Tips to Consider When Shopping for Table Lamps

As you take home décor seriously, you may realize that even the smallest details can make a significant difference. Although the style, colour scheme, and theme of a room define it, the lighting creates your desired ambiance and sets the mood. Indeed, switching to simple lighting can change the vibe of a room and transform a boring space into an interesting, cozy one. And the right lighting fixtures showcase a timeless charm, smart functionality, and modern appeal like beautiful Union table lamps. When used right, a table lamp can offer colour, symmetry, texture, illumination, and contrast. So, if you are on the market for a table lamp, here is a buying guide for you:

Choosing the Right Spot for Your Lamp

Determine where you plan to place the table lamp, so you can measure the height the lamp will sit at and its distance from the couch, chair, or bed next to it. Clearly defining the lamp’s purpose before you shop for it will help you get the right one for you. 

Play with the Style

Usually, the lamp’s shade determines its overall appeal. However, the body of the lamp can also make a significant difference and defines it. A variety of lamp styles can fit in with your home’s exceptional style. Also, you can use the lamp for ushering in a different style, offering the room a vibrant focal point. 

Experiment with Colours

A table lamp can provide you with the chance to add a room a colour punch. Multi-coloured options let you bring in nearly any hue while copper table lamps that have an industrial vibe offer a smart metallic glitter. 

Considering the Lamp Shade

When you shop for table lamps, don’t be drawn in only by the shade’s pattern and style. Rather, you must also take into account the shade’s proportions and ergonomics in relation to the lamp’s body. The lampshade’s diameter must be at least two inches shorter than the body length. The safest choice you can find is the drum shade. A shade with a narrow base allows for less illumination. 

Pay Attention to Detail

The majority of lamps let you easily change shades. And while some lamps might come with a spider fitting, others sport a clip-on or uno fitting. This is something you must check out first before you switch the lampshade. Today, LED lighting has been preferred by many people over the old CFLs because it can reduce the power bill. However, some table lamps do not support this switch, so make sure to look into the finer details before you buy a table lamp.