March 3, 2024

Five tourism attractions around Manchester

5. University of Manchester

One of the notable educational centers in the UK is certainly the University of Manchester which has been established in 1851 and which is actually a collection of institutes and there are also several residence halls. A total of 3 Nobel prize winners has actually been educated at Manchester University. They are Sir John Cockcroft, physician James Chadwick and also Ernest Rutherford. They have been involved in things such as atomic physics and related fields. A visit to Manchester University will not be complete without stopping at the Whitworth Art Gallery which is popular for its excellent collection of art which includes sculptures, modern art, drawings and a selection of British watercolors.

4. Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

According to Quick Property Buyer, One of the unique attractions in Manchester is certainly the Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden which has been established in 1917. It is both a wildlife habitat and a botanical garden which is seen by many as a welcome contrast to the busy city center. Thousands of people make use of the walking trails in the gardens but there is also guided health walks which is very popular among citizens of Manchester. Thousands of people come to enjoy the outdoors by having picnics while others come to walk in the botanical gardens. It is also possible to engage in activities such as football, rugby and even tennis. Animals are welcome and there is also a café.

3. Manchester Townhall

People are attracted to the neo-Gothic Town Hall with its imposing façade which has been constructed in 1877. It has a tower which provide some of the best views of the surrounding city. Of particular interest is the Council Chamber which has a unique collection of Ford Madox Brown murals which provides people with an excellent overview of the history of the city. People should also take the time to explore the Free Trade Hall which has been opened in 1951.

2. National football Museum

Manchester is home to two of the most popular football teams in the UK such as Man City and Man United. It is therefore not surprising that Manchester should have the honor of paying homage to the most favorite sport in the UK. This unique museum exhibit some of the most memorable items relating to football and this includes articles such as clothing and also trophies. It is also possible to view numerous short movies which provide unique information on the history of football. There is also additional entertainment for young people.

1. Science and Industry Museum

People who come to Manchester always enjoy a visit to the science and industry Museum. It is located on the site of the world’s oldest railroad station. This very special Museum has 12 galleries where people can see water and steam-driven machines which was extensively used in the golden age of the textile industry. There is also an extensive collection of vintage made-in-Manchester cars. One of the best examples is the1904 Rolls Royce which is part of that collection. Manchester has a history which goes back all the way to Roman times and all of this is shared in the Station Building.