June 23, 2024

How long does underfloor heating take to install?

It’s easier to set up than you think

Underfloor heating might seem like it would be complicated to install, but the reality is very different!

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular with property owners – but how easy is it to install? Here is everything you need to know.

In a home

Installing underfloor heating in a home is much quicker than you might assume! The process takes around 1-2 days, which can easily be factored into a building project or ongoing renovation. Many people are put off investing in underfloor heating for their home, worried that it will result in a huge amount of disruption and expense. Here at Fastwarm, we hear from many customers who have been pleasantly surprised at just how little time it has taken to totally change the way they heat their home.

In a commercial premises

Underfloor heating isn’t just a great option for homes – it’s the perfect choice for commercial buildings too. It’s ideally suited to larger spaces, as it provides much more even heat than radiators. It also gives you a much greater amount of flexibility with your floor plan, so you can really make the most of every last inch of your business premises. In larger, more complex spaces such as this, underfloor heating can take around 5 days to install. Compared to many other projects, this is still very manageable and can be fitted into most schedules.

Installing it yourself

Now you have a rough idea of how long it will take to install underfloor heating in your property, you are probably wondering if it’s a job that you will be able to carry out yourself. You’ll be pleased to hear that underfloor heating is not too tricky to install yourself. As long as you have a good level of DIY experience and the time you need to complete the job in one go, there’s no reason why you can’t go ahead and install it. Many of our customers have successfully taken the DIY approach.

Calling in the professionals

However, not everyone wants to or is able to install underfloor heating themselves. If you have very little experience with DIY, or you just don’t feel confident enough to tackle the job yourself, it’s fine to call in the professionals! Doing so can also save you plenty of time and effort, as an expert will know how to work quickly without cutting any corners. There are many professionals out there who specialise in installing wet and electric underfloor heating, so you will be able to find someone to help in no time at all.

Why shop with us?

Fastwarm is a leading supplier of underfloor heating products, and we have options to suit projects of all complexities and budgets of all sizes. Whether you are looking to add to an existing underfloor heating system or are it the planning stages of a large building project, you are sure to find something that is suitable for your needs.

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