June 23, 2024

Looking for Outdoor Ceramic Tiles? Keep These Considerations in Mind

If you are like other homeowners, you probably like to spend time outdoors. And when spring comes, you may want to renovate your outdoor living space. This kind of project involves picking the right tiles for outdoor use. Tiles and natural stone last for a long time, are heat-resistant, and can improve your backyard’s aesthetic and utility. When it comes to outdoor ceramic tiles, there are high-quality tiles available at the lowest prices. This means that you can find the perfect tiles for your space. If you are not sure which kind of outdoor tiles fit your house, the following are important considerations to keep in mind:


The weather in Canada can vary, so your selected tiles must endure heat, cold, and moisture. Certain kinds of tiles can withstand changing weather conditions and others cannot. You must find tiles that do not absorb water and have a high durability like ceramic, porcelain, marble, and travertine. Tiles that have low porosity may not develop problems such as algae, staining, rot, or lichen. For outdoor areas, natural stone is a popular option because it blends well with the natural landscape and can withstand the elements. 

Additionally, you must take into account where you will place the tiles in the backyard. For instance, do you want the tiles to be in the open or undercover? Will the tiles be in shade or exposed to direct sunlight? These can help you decide the kind of outdoor tiles to use. 


Outdoor tiles, particularly those in the pool area, are exposed to wet conditions. Thus, there is a risk of slips and falls. Picking unglazed or unpolished tiles that have a more abrasive texture can reduce the risk. Keep in mind that the environment in which your tiles are laid impacts their slip rating, along with factors such as wear and tear, grouting, and residue buildup. 


When you buy outdoor tiles, you should consider how the outdoor space will complement your home’s style. Most homeowners prefer the same kind of tiles from indoors to outdoors to create flow. This open-plan living can increase the value and style of your house.

Neutral coloured outdoor tiles fit most colour schemes while patterned or mosaic tiles can provide your outdoor space with a sense of contrast and individuality. When you pick tile colours, consider lighting. Darker tiles tend to work well with backyards that are well-lit.