June 23, 2024

Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with Exterior House Painting Ideas


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, from neutral whites and vibrant reds to cool blues and dark trims, the exterior paint color of your home contributes to the curb appeal and the overall look of the home. Let’s check out a few exterior house painting ideas.  

The Ideas

  1. Desert inspiration – Before choosing the final color of your home, you need to draw inspiration from the surroundings and the immediate natural environment. For instance, if your home is in the Arizona desert, it’s not going to look great with bright reds and solid blues. 

Instead, you’re better off choosing shades of the desert and complimenting colors that make a great combination. For instance, porcelain, or pale ivory walls with rose beige roofs would look amazing in the desert. To complete the look, you can create a xeriscape accompanied by local vegetation.  

  1. Waterfront blues – While you’re getting inspired by your surroundings, the choice is obvious when it comes to waterfront property. If you have a high-end waterfront property by a lake or near the beach, you can let the blue of the water be the dominant color of your home. 

Blue and white create a fantastic combination that gives off a traditional yet lively look. You can go one step further and color the roof and trim in autumn orange to make the home blend in with the surroundings as soon as trees start shedding leaves. 

  1. Craftsman green – If you have a gorgeous craftsman-style home in the woods, don’t let it go to waste, and choose green as the exterior paint. Light shades of green would be perfect for this kind of home since it looks similar yet unique in the natural green setting. For the lower part of your home, you can use manufactured stone veneer and allow the shingles to complete the look. That way, your home mimics its natural surroundings. 
  2. Soft lime, powder blue, and white – Even if you have a regular suburban home, no one’s stopping you from mimicking the natural surroundings. However, in this scenario, the ‘natural’ surroundings are your lawn. Take the muted lime green color from the lawn and use it to blend your home with the landscape. To create a unique and inviting entryway, color the steps and the doorway with powder blue and balance it all with white trims.   
  3. Grey, black and red – For traditional homes, simplicity works flawlessly. You can create a great foundation with neutral shades like warm gray. After that, it’s all about introducing colors in small doses and not overwhelming the exterior color scheme. You can achieve that by painting window shutters, mailboxes, and the roof black, and adding a focal point in the form of a bright red door.    


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned exterior house painting ideas or draw inspiration from them and come up with your own unique color palette. Make sure that you paint your home with calming colors that make your home more inviting and preserve the resale value of your home.