March 3, 2024

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Your Kitchen

While redecorating your kitchen space, you might come across a lot of problems and a lot of options. Since the market is full of varieties of patterns, designs and materials for renovating the kitchen, most of us get confused and make the wrong decision. While knowing what to do helps you get a perspective about the choices available to you, knowing what not to do narrows down these options for you to make the right decision. We shall, therefore, take a look at a few mistakes people often make, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

  • Choosing non-durable paint

Choosing the right colors for your dream kitchen is undoubtedly a significant part of the process. But what’s even more important is that you choose the right kind of paint. You don’t want to get stuck with the kind of paint that will look good for a few months or a couple of years, but begin to fade thereafter. No matter how pretty the colors are, they’ll start to fade once the paint loses its durability. So, to avoid this problem, you can go with paints that can naturally last longer such as oil or enamel-based paints.

  • Not giving the doors space to breathe

Mistakes related to fittings are the most common type of mistakes. People often forget to give the doors or the cabinets enough space to breathe and to open. So, while designing the layout, always try to give at least 1.2m of space between the kitchen cabinets and doors. Another similar problem is when all the doors or cabinets open at the same time. While this can become a headache for you later, you can stick to the same aforementioned rule.

  • The height of the worktops

Deciding the right height of the worktops is yet another aspect wherein people tend to make mistakes. Having worktops at a wrong height can jeopardize the functionality of your kitchen. 890mm to 940mm is considered a comfortable height for worktops to function well and blend in with the rest of the kitchen. Having said that, worktop’s height also depends on the worktop thickness and the plinth heights. So, while deciding a height for the worktops, avoid making this mistake.

There are several other mistakes you can avoid by simply doing in-depth research on your own. In this regard, RêveCuisine kitchen renovation give full attention to detail and offer personalized services to bring up your dream kitchen.