March 3, 2024

Signs Your Artificial Turf Needs Replacing

Homeowners see artificial grass as a great alternative to a natural grass lawn. This is because installation and care for artificial grass cost lower than natural grass. In addition, artificial turf also has a variety of advantages. 

Synthetic turf is weather-resistant, ensuring an evergreen look even during hot and rainy weather conditions. It does not require constant watering, except when cleaned; hence, it can help households save on water and reduce their water bills. Furthermore, artificial grass is eco-friendly and non-toxic as it does not need fertilisers and other chemicals to maintain its optimal condition. 

Artificial grass has a long lifespan, lasting for around 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance.However, despite its high durability, synthetic turf can also experience wear and tear and need replacing. 

If you have not replaced your artificial turf in Melbourne in a decade or two, it may be time to start thinking about replacement options. There are many reasons why you should consider investing in new artificial grass, including reaping the benefits of an artificial grass lawn over a longer period in the future. 

Aside from the service years of your synthetic grass lawn, you should also consider replacing your turf if you have any of the following problems: 

Damage due to accidents while using outdoor grills or wear and tear due to high foot traffic are the first signs that you need to replace your synthetic grass lawn. Investing in a new one can help you refresh the beauty of your property and ensure longer-lasting and durable grass in your yard. 

Stains and odours are also warning signs that you have to look out for. Food and drink stains, as well as stains from oils and greases, can discolour your synthetic turf. Moreover, foul odours caused by mould growth and pet wastes can also cause discomfort to your household. The only way to address discolouration and remove odours is to replace the entire grass lawn. 

For more information on the telltale signs that your artificial grass needs replacing, see this infographic from Easy Turf.