June 23, 2024

Simple Curtain Cleaning Hacks to Keep Them Look New

Curtains are the most important part of every interior as they bring the most subtle touch of light to any space. The way they add style and elegance to our homes is just outstanding. Although they play a major part in designing a house, their importance is not just limited to style.

You know well how curtains keep unwanted dust and pollution outside, keeping your room protected and clean. This is why they can be very dirty to attract bacteria and germs if not cleaned on regular basis. Therefore knowing the most effective curtain cleaning hacks is so important.

Here’s how you can upkeep your curtains;

  • Use a Lint roller Or A Cloth Duster

Curtain cleaning does not always require water immersion, but you can simply do so with a simple dusting cloth. Make sure to wear a mask while cleaning your curtain with a duster cloth as a lot of dust will come out. If having pets in your home, a lint roller can be used to remove the pet hairs that are stuck in your curtains.

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to remove the dust more effectively from your curtains, using a vacuum cleaner once a week is a good idea. This method ensures that all the dust particles are gone. For better results, using a handheld steam cleaner can be a good solution. As they use disinfectants n your curtain, you’ll not have to worry about the growth of bacteria.

  • A Homemade Curtain Cleaner Would Work Well

If you want some natural curtain cleaning hack, then why don’t you make your own homemade curtain cleaner? Of course, you should go for it! This homemade cleaner will be free of toxic chemicals and it will save your money as well. Simply combine liquid soap, water, and white vinegar in a jar and shake vigorously. Spray this solution all over the curtains and let them sit until dry.

  • Get Rid of Stains Quickly

Your curtains tend to be getting stained more frequently, especially if having kids and pets in the house. All you need to do is to quickly remove the stain after it happens otherwise it will be very difficult to remove. Apply the stain remover immediately to the spot so that it will not get spread.

  • Dry Clean the Curtains

When buying curtains for your home, it is recommended to read out the instructions regarding their cleaning methods. If dry cleaning is allowed in the instructions, do so, otherwise, it will end up ruining or shrinking your overall curtains.

Many homeowners find dry cleaning the curtains very easy. This is the most effective method especially if you are too busy doing other home chores.  Just drop your curtains off at the dry cleaning station and bring back fresh and clean curtains to decorate your interior.

So, these are some of the curtain cleaning hacks you must try to keep your window coverings in a fresh state. As they are the most important part of your interior, upkeeping them is a must!