June 23, 2024

Smart switches and their benefits

Looking to manage all your electrical appliances, lights and fans with just a single touch? Switch to smart switches that are driven by new-edge technology. Smart switches are smart enough to help you manage your TV, AC, lights and fans with a single tap on your smartphone or tablet. They are purely inspired by innovative technology to offer you comfort and entertainment at your fingertip. 

So, get rid of your conventional built-in switches and turn your life around with the leading-edge technology of smart switches.

Benefits of using smart switches:

Smart switches offer you a lot of advantages as compared to conventional ones. They are as follows:

  • Greater usability:

The mode of operation of smart switches is very easy to handle. Smart switches have a user-friendly interface. They can be operated both manually as well as through apps on your smartphones. The dual modes help them to be preferred by people who are tech-savvy like old people and children.

  • Seamless access:

Smart switches work via Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE which allows the switches to sync data among themselves. This helps to develop a mesh or network of all smart switches around you. Unlike Wi-Fi, this network never fails to offer connectivity to the paired devices beyond a certain range. Thus, you can move to any corner of your home and office and enjoy seamless access to your appliances.

  • Increased control:

If you find switching on/off your devices every day to be very tiresome, smart switches could help you the most. Smart switches provide increased control over all your electronic appliances as well as light and fans. So, begin your morning with a single tap on your smartphone for switching on your appliances and saving your time.

  • Easy installation:

Smart switches are very easy to install. It involves hassle-free installation with no need for wiring. You can call in your electrician today and install them in no time.

  • Reduced power consumption:

The BLE technology used in smart switches allows them to reduce the power consumption by as high as 80%. This is enormous as compared to the traditional switches. Thus, smart switches are smart solutions for building an eco-friendly environment.

How are smart switches different from tunable lighting systems?

If you think that smart switches are just meant for tuning lights, you are wrong. Smart switches do much more than adjusting your lights. Even if you compare them with ordinary tunable bulbs, smart switches can form a superior lighting system for your office or home. 

Tunable lights are actually smart LED bulbs that can be adjusted and changed to different hues of colour according to your mood. On the contrary, smart switches are seamless switches that are technology-driven. You can make the most of them by connecting them with smart bulbs. Such paired-up devices offer you greater functionality of a lighting system. 

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