March 3, 2024

Steel Doors -Pros And Cons 

When it comes to door shopping, you have several different options. Doors come in various types and are available in mainly three materials: wood, steel, and fiberglass. Steel doors are a common choice for many homeowners because they tend to provide more security. However, it is important to learn all the facts before arriving at a decision. 

If you are considering buying front doors from Inter Québec, you will have a lot of options to choose from. You must research each type of door to understand which one suits your requirements and budget better. This blog will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of steel doors. 

Pros and cons of steel doors 


  • Security. 

As one can guess by the name, steel doors provide immense security. It is quite impossible to break through steel in a short time without getting noticed. Therefore, by the time an intruder gets inside, the police will have already arrived. Security is the biggest advantage of steel. 

  • Durability. 

Along with security, steel doors are highly durable as well. Once you make the purchase, you do not have to think about replacing the door for a long time. These doors can withstand any extreme weather and provide a steady service even with low maintenance. 

  • Energy-efficient. 

Steel doors have a five times more insulating factor than wooden doors, making them extremely energy efficient. Each door is filled with high-quality foam, ensuring that air does not transfer inside and outside. 


  • Dent and rust. 

Although steel doors are not easy to break, they can still dent if a strong force hits them. Moreover, you need to take care of the paint on the door; otherwise, it starts rusting. 

  • High price. 

The durability and security of steel doors certainly do not come for cheap. Since they come with so many wonderful features, it is no surprise that they are at the upper end of the price spectrum. It is notable that once you make the purchase, you won’t have to spend money on its maintenance or replace it anytime soon. 

  • Fitting problem. 

Due to its nature, steel cannot be trimmed, sanded, or planed to fit a frame. This is not a problem for properly sized frames but may cause an issue when you upgrade an existing door. If you need to customize your door to a special size, you will need to spend even more. 

These are the pros and cons of buying steel doors for your house. No matter what, steel doors can provide you with the security you need. They are a good investment in return for your family’s safety.