March 3, 2024

What factors influence the cost of sealing a driveway?

Are you confused about the cost of sealing a driveway? There are many factors that the experts consider in driveway pavers in Illinois. It is recommended to consider the type of driveway sealant, size of the driveway, durability and many more, which are described below.

Which factors define the cost of sealing a driveway?

  • Size of the driveway

Most of the driveway pavers Illinois experts charge based on per square foot. The size of the driveway impacts the cost of commercial sealcoating syracuse ny the driveway. It also depends upon the material & labor. You may have to cost more if you have a hundred feet of driveway.

  • Type of sealant

The sealant type you choose determines how much you have to pay per square foot. Most of the sealant comes in 5 to 55 gallon units. The cost of the coverage you get depends on the sealer. When you choose a thick sealant, it offers less coverage with better durability and great finishing.

  • Sealing the areas

If you want to reseal the areas from driveway pavers in Illinois, it might cost less. If the driveway is small, like the pathways, it might cost less. It is also recommended to ask the contractor whether the driveway needs to be coated for the second time or not. If the driveway gets lots of traffic or heavier vehicles pass through this, it definitely needs a second coating!

  • Enhancements

Do you want to Curb the appeal of the driveway? The cost of driveway paving by driveway pavers Illinois also depends upon the labor cost, cleaning process, and service fee.

There are many more factors that affect the price value. To determine all those factors reach Elite Paving & Sealcoating!