March 3, 2024

What’s The Difference Between MCB And MCCB?

Electricity is improving all the time, and it is now both simple to use and extremely efficient. Many aspects go into making a system run smoothly and without glitches, and there is a method for them all.

Circuit breakers are an important part of any electrical system, and there are many different types available nowadays, with MCBs and MCCBs being the most prevalent. What they both signify and how they differ are as follows:

  • Circuit Breaker in Miniature (MCBs)

An MCB is a computer-controlled electrical device that protects an electrical circuit from damage caused by high currents, such as that caused by a short circuit or overload. When a flaw is discovered or identified, the primary goal is to stop the current flow.

They have two: one is movable and may be shifted, and the other is fixed and cannot be moved. The movable contacts are removed from the fixed contacts when the current exceeds the set limit, the circuit is opened, and the circuit is unplugged from the main supply.

  • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCBs)

MCCBs (Moulded Case Circuit Breakers) are electrical devices that safeguard circuits against overload. In contrast to the MCB, it is used in circumstances when adjustable tripping is required. A manually operated circuit trip switch is included in the MCCB, which is often used in high current applications.

The MCCB comes in two configurations: one for over-temperature and one for over-current. Under normal operating conditions, the contact allows electricity to flow through the circuit easily.

If the current exceeds the preset limit, the contacts will become warm and expand until they open. As a result, the circuit is separated from the main supply, protecting the equipment from damage.

  • Difference

One notable difference between MCB and MCCB is their capacity; nevertheless, various other differences are detailed below:

  • The breaking capability of the two is a substantial difference. MCBs are used to safeguard circuits with low current requirements, whereas MCCBs protect circuits with large power consumption.
  • Short circuit faults and temperature are protected by miniature circuit breakers, whereas moulded case circuit breakers protect short circuit faults and over-temperature.
  • In MCCB, the removal on and off is possible, but not in MCB.
  • In comparison to the MCCB, the MCB is smaller in size.
  • Unlike MCBs, modern MCCBs have an alarm system.
  • MCCBs can adjust the power trip current in MCCB, unlike MCBs.
  • The MCCB has a far higher carrying capacity than the micro breaker.
  • The MCB is less expensive.

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