March 3, 2024

5 Ways to Decorate Your 4-Room BTO Apartment

Build-to-Order flats, often known as BTO flats, are dwellings allotted by the Singapore Housing and Development Board. These apartments are typically cosy. Renovating a house with a four-room BTO is an excellent approach to transforming these properties into the residences of your dreams. 

When designing a house, it is important to have a good notion of what you want it to look like in terms of colour and style. Here are some suggestions for decorating your 4-room BTO design in an appealing manner so that it becomes an inviting and comfortable place to live.

Make your living area look larger by hanging mirrors. 

This trick has been found by BTO designers in Singapore, which is experiencing a boom in the interior design sector. It makes places look larger and more majestic. Using floor-to-ceiling mirror leaves on a single element of your room’s design might give the impression that the area is twice as large as it actually is. You might go the additional mile and choose mirror-cut feature walls, which are highly fashionable in today’s society and are becoming increasingly common.

Declutter your space.

Playing with the lighting is a terrific way to spruce up the decor of your BTO house without adding unnecessary clutter. Accents and drama may be created with the help of creatively installed lighting fixtures and artificial ceiling lights. Lamps on the floor and lava lamps are 2 additional wonderful ways to gently add some design to a room.

Understated colour palettes will never become outdated. 

The use of muted, earthy tones is timelessly elegant. Maintain light-coloured furniture and use various wood tones in the furnishings or the interior design. This creates the impression of cleanliness and reduces the number of potential items that need to be cleaned around the house. Unfortunately, you have really limited options for accents to pair it with. Adding some plush pillows and soft chintz to the furniture may give the house a minimalist yet warm atmosphere.

Invest in things that showcase your unique character. 

Give yourself some room to show your individuality and sense of style through a piece of artwork you have created or wish to create or through the use of a blackboard to scribble down your thoughts. This will serve as a refreshing change, in addition to being an original piece of decoration.

Combine modern and antique furniture and other decorative elements. 

You are free to experiment with different colours and textures as well. It’s possible that this may provide your 4-room BTO design with an assertive yet kind vibe. In addition to this, this enables you to freely experiment with a wide variety of different designs and colours.