June 23, 2024

The Kinds Of Wood Used For Creating Skirting Boards

Whenever you think of installing skirting boards, you can’t ignore the material that would be used for creating them. The material of the skirting boards is a hugely remarkable factor that every person needs to decide upon. When it is a more contemporary or a new-build home, you need to choose skirting boards with more control because the style won’t be very critical when the matter zeroes on matching the room. The fortunate thing is today, people have got many options in their hands, which is why they can choose the skirting board material easily. But at times, all these choices make them overwhelmed.

The kinds of wood that can be used

If you observe the skirting types and skirting board designs well. You will be able to make a considered choice. Among newer properties, MDF is one. However, at times, it turns out to be featureless, but it is a comparatively inexpensive option. After this choice, you need to take your pick from softwood or hardwood options. Softwood skirting boards seem to be hugely adaptable as they can be sanded down and varnished for getting repainted. So, they last for a long time. People are not required to replace but repaint it. On the other hand, hardwood, as the name suggests, tends to be stronger, and it tends to be more expensive too.

Four common kinds of wood 

Pine or softwood – This wood is hugely popular and used to make windows, furniture, and doors. This wood is readily available and comparatively less costly too. People get softwood from coniferous trees, and they are required to pay less to buy softwood compared to hardwood as the trees grow faster ad straighter. Softwood is sold in standard width and thickness and seems to be perfect as it can be painted easily.

Tulipwood or hardwood – You will find this wood largely in the United States, and in this country, it is acknowledged as the Tulip poplar or the Yellow poplar. Tulipwood is a medium-density wood that seems to be versatile, and it is shock resistant. Most often, this wood is used for making furniture, kitchen cabinets, interior joinery, and moldings.

Oak or hardwood – You can get oak wood from the oak trees, and they are found in large numbers in the northern hemisphere. This wood is durable and strong, and you will find it in an eye-catching prominent grain and light color. Oakwood feels both smooth and hard; hence, it turns out to be perfect for skirting.

Sapele or hardwood – You will find Sapele in large parts of West and East Africa, and you can get it from big trees that grow up to forty-five meters. Sapele is heavier and harder compared to African mahogany. This looks similar to oak when the matter comes to resistance to indentation, stiffness, and bending strength.

Different choices

Besides the skirting board designs, people also consider the wood that is used to create skirting boards. The styles of skirting boards are found in various choices of wood, and people choose one of them according to their requirements and preferences.