June 23, 2024

What is the meaning of spiritual candles?

Candles are symbols of enlightenment and transformation. The fire that is lit in them represents the spiritual world and a channel of communication with the Divine Source, gods, angels and celestial beings. The act of lighting Spiritual candles is a way of sending our intention to the higher plane. Candles help us create a stronger link with the spirit world as they clear our minds and our auras. That is why they are widely used in rituals, prayers and for making requests. Nevertheless, did you know that they are different? 

Discover the meanings of candles.

When we use a candle of a certain color, we are sending a message to the Universe through our guardian angel, which receives and transmits this information. That is why it is so important to know the meanings of candles, what each color is for, okay. Thus, what we want will be answered more promptly.

Understand the meanings of candles

White Candle Meaning

It brings purity, peace of mind and tranquility. Ideal when you are in a crisis in your relationship or with your family. Light this flame and feel your home become a temple of security and stability.

Blue Candle Meaning

In addition to bringing tranquility, the color blue is great for attracting prosperity and opening paths in the professional field. Whenever you need to make a decision regarding work, or if you want a new job, light this candle and make your request with an open heart.

Yellow Candle Meaning

This color brings joy, warmth and movement, as well as creativity. If you are feeling down, depressed or down, this is the candle to light. If you work with art, literature or anything that involves ideas, whenever you feel blocked, it is worth invoking this color.

Pink Candle Meaning

This is the color of love and relationships. She is ideal for when you need to strengthen your relationship or when you want to find a date.

Green Candle Meaning

This candle brings both physical and emotional balance. When you have an illness in the family or you feel a lack of harmony in your body, evoke this color. You will realize that your energy will vibrate normally again.

Meaning of the red candle

We can say that this is the Saint Expeditious of candles, as the color red helps us with urgent causes and complicated decisions. Whenever you find yourself in a delicate situation, light this flame and send positive thoughts to the universe that your prayer will be answered. The answer will come to your mind.

Meaning of Violet or Purple Candle

Violet is the color of spirituality and this candle serves to cleanse the energies of a place or person. You can also use it when someone is not acting right. With it, you can transmute the person’s behavior as well as the vibration of a specific place.

In the end

Regardless of your request or ritual, always think about the meanings of the candles whenever you light one and visualize your guardian angel taking the message to the spiritual world. Have faith and trust that everything will work out.